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Crown Global Markets

Crown Global Markets is a trading name of CF&E Investments Group. We are a privately held proprietary trading firm located in Singapore. 

Csys is portfolio allocation system which applies our in-house developed model that makes trading decisions on both short term opportunistic position taking and long term macro thematic trading as to achieve superior risk-adjusted rate of returns. The portfolio allocation system revolves around momentum indicators across multiple asset classes including FX, Equities, and Bonds in mainly highly liquid and developed markets.

Csys ensures that optimal investment returns is achieved from macro market moves, while minimizing potential P&L volatility via clearly modeled market timing strategies. This strategy is able to capture revenue regardless of macro themes and relies robust risk management as well as technical and mathematical outputs developed by Crown Global Markets.

Our vision and mission will be realized thanks to the diversity and depth of our team’s talents, which include seasoned financial professionals with expertise in financial products and risk management from reputable banks such as J.P. Morgan, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, and Macquarie.


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Corporate Correspondence Address
CF&E Investments Asia Pte. Ltd.

100 Peck Seah Street #08-14
Singapore 079333

Telephone   : +65.61009006

Email              :

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